The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi works to…

Shape Systems.

Build more effective and more intentional systems by advocating for better policies, and by convening policymakers, agencies, organizations, and communities to work on systems-level problems.

Foster Collaboration.

Create a blueprint for child well-being in Mississippi that articulates what our state can do to address important children’s issues, bring stakeholders together to implement the plan, and provide updates on the progress.

Do Big Things.

We will take on Signature Initiatives – multi-year strategic projects that have the potential for major impact.

Deliver Data.

Through a variety of resources — such as Mississippi KIDS COUNT — we will monitor and report the critical indicators of our state’s child well-being that advocates and decisionmakers need to be informed.

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Preschool Development Grant Birth – Five

Mississippi Child Care Transformation Project Mississippi was recently awarded a Preschool Development Grant Birth to Five (PDG B-5) Renewal totaling over $30 million, which will be disbursed over the next three years to improve access to high-quality early child care and education programs. The grant will allow for the creation of a new Quality Support…

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Kids to College

In partnership with the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi, Entergy has launched a My529 college savings account program that will donate $60,000 to help Mississippi families establish 1,200 child savings accounts. Eligible families can sign up for a Kids to College my529 account with the help of CFM and will receive a $50 contribution from Entergy. A child…

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Early Childhood Councils

To begin designing a better future, CFM has proudly undertaken signature initiatives to “turn the curve” for children and youth in Mississippi. Recognizing that no one knows what a community needs more than the members of the community itself, the CFM has launched planning grants to establish Early Childhood Councils (ECCs) at the local level….

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Blueprint for Improving the Future of Mississippi's Children

Blueprint for Improving the Future of Mississippi’s Children

While it’s common to hear discussions among decision-makers, advocates, parents, and researchers about the challenges Mississippi’s children face, there has been no statewide plan to address these. The Children’s Foundation team has prioritized addressing this need by creating a data-driven roadmap that can guide the state toward the best possible future for all of our…

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Chat About Children

Chat About Children

Chat About Children is a video interview series that connects YOU with system leaders who affect the well-being of children in Mississippi. See more Chats and stay up-to-date by subscribing to our YouTube Channel! Opinions expressed by guests are not necessarily shared by the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi. Episode 21 – Entergy Kids to College…

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Mississippi KIDS COUNT

Mississippi KIDS COUNT is the leading resource for comprehensive information on Mississippi’s children and serves as a catalyst for improving outcomes for children, families, and communities. Visit the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s national KIDS COUNT Data Center for the latest national data book and to create custom reports from Mississippi’s data. To access data briefs,…

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Survey of Mississippi Issues Impacting Children (MIIC)

Using Data as a Guide to Good Policy The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi aims to contribute to our shared well-being by improving the policies and systems that affect children and youth. We cannot make meaningful progress without taking an objective look at where things stand now. Knowing this, the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi is committed…

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