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of Mississippi's children are living in poverty. Poverty negatively impacts children’s health, academic achievement and eventual outcomes as an adult.
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of Mississippi's children do NOT receive developmental screenings. Tracking development through validated screening tools in early childhood identifies delays and allows for interventions during critical development. Addressing delays early is associated with more successful outcomes.
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of Mississippi's children do NOT benefit from state-funded Pre-K programs. According to Nobel Prize winning economist, James Heckman, investment in early childhood education promotes optimal development in children, and yields substantial economic benefits, short and long-term to the community.

"Turning the Curve" for Mississippi's Children

A healthy start for children establishes a strong foundation for lifelong learning and contributions to our community. For Mississippi to reach its potential, we must make sure our state’s children reach theirs. When we make sure that children get off to a strong start, we’re setting the stage for our communities to realize new possibilities. By adding focus, promoting strategic thinking, and creating more intentional alliances, together we can “turn the curve” and make a major difference in outcomes. 

The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi is an independent operating foundation focused on improving the policies and systems that affect the well-being of children in our state. We were founded in 2019 to serve as a convener, facilitator, advocate, and catalyst for positive change for Mississippi’s children.

What will the children's foundation accomplish?

Foster Collaboration.

We will create a blueprint for child well-being in Mississippi that articulates what our state can do to address important children’s issues, bring stakeholders together to implement the plan, and provide updates on the progress.

Shape Systems.

We will build more effective and more intentional systems by advocating for better policies, and by convening policymakers, agencies, organizations, and communities to work on systems-level problems.

Do Big Things.

We will take on Signature Initiatives - multi-year strategic projects that have the potential for major impact.

Build Resources.

As a new philanthropic entity and operating foundation, we rely on gifts and grants to support our work.

Deliver Data.

In 2020, the Children’s Foundation of Mississippi will become the new home for Mississippi KIDS COUNT and will provide the data that advocates and decision makers need to be informed. Through a variety of publications and resources, it will monitor the critical indicators of our state’s child well-being.

How can you help?

Your gift supports the healthy futures of Mississippi’s children.



PO Box 55887
Jackson, MS 39296-5887