CFM Partners with Mississippi Commission on Children’s Justice

We are pleased to share that The Children’s Foundation of Mississippi is partnering with the Mississippi Commission on Children’s Justice to plan a convening of organizations across the state on resource mapping. Please stay tuned and let us know if you’re interested in being a part of this meeting by sending your contact information to

Originally established in 2006 through the Mississippi Supreme Court (MSSC), the MCCJ has the following mission statement:

“The Mississippi Supreme Court charged the Commission on Children’s Justice with developing a statewide comprehensive approach to improving the child welfare system; coordinating the three branches of government in assessing the impact of government actions on children who are abused or neglected; and recommending changes to improve children’s safety, strengthen and support families and promote public trust and confidence in the child welfare system.

The MSSC reauthorizes the Commission annually through an order that reinforces the Commission’s purpose and names that year’s invited commission members.”

We are proud to note that CFM Executive Director Linda Southward was named in 2020 as a member of the MCCJ. Patti Marshall, a board member of the CFM, was a longtime member and currently volunteers as a co-chair of Programs of Hope: Parent, Child & Family Supports Subcommittee. Through creative thinking and collective problem solving, leaders on the Programs of Hope subcommittees work together to identify and recommend actions which can fill gaps, strengthen opportunities, and lift up Mississippi families and vulnerable children to a place where they can see a path toward a brighter future.

Learn more about the MCCJ and the Programs of Hope initiative here.